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When Jeffrey was a young boy - five to six years old,

He was an obedient kid, and did as he was told.

He was also keen on learning and he liked to know

What was going on and why was it so.

So with Xmas coming up he couldn’t see the reason

For so many Xmas trees to signify the season.

So he asked his father if he could tell him why

Little decorated trees were appearing wide and high,

His dad said that the purpose

Was to show Santa Clause

Where to place the gifts that he may want to leave

For all good girls and boys.

And his dad told Jeffery that all the children

Who had been very good?

Would receive exactly what they asked for

And that would be placed under the tree.

Then Jeffrey remembered telling Santa Clause

When he sat on his knee at the local store

That all he wanted for Xmas

Was a small pet horse

But when he saw the size of the tree

And where it was placed inside the house

He knew he had little chance

Of receiving the gift of a horse.

But Jeffrey was determined

To solve this problem if he could

And recalled the gifts that were left there

Were only for those who had been good.

So as his gift could not be left there

There was hardly any reason

For him to be good during the festive season,

So he started being naughty

And found it so much fun

He has been naughty ever since ___

Just ask anyone !!!

Joyce Skinner 18/12/2021


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