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Oz Strayla Day Mate.

We call it Oz-Strayla Day mate, and it’s coming around again.

The debate will be on for young an old and it will never end.

Some black fellas hate it an some don’t give a shit.

People that ignore history are said to be bound to repeat it.

Those that want it changed are condemned by some.

Those that don’t want it changed are thought by others to be dumb.


In 1545 a broad great southern land was known to sailors as Australia

The Dutch were here 1606 but their expeditions were a failure


January 26th 1788 is the day England planted a flag in the sand

In 1804 Flinders mapped all of our great southern land.


On the 1st of January in 1901 this land was formally named Australia

In September the same year the Australian flag became our regalia.


In 1935 we celebrated our very first national Australia day

While indigenous people’s recognition was still more than 30 years away


The great Aussie tradition she’ll be right mate and have a beer

Australia Day eventually became a public holiday and 1994 was the year

Love or hate Australia day it’s your right to wear your heart on your sleeve

If you hate this country then you have the right to leave. 


Poetry In Paradise

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