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Red Centre Sunset.

The day came around so suddenly

It really was my heart desire

To see that famous big rock

Before I suddenly expire


I mounted my bike with haste

I kissed my wife goodbye

My bags all packed upon my seat

Stacked up so high


Seven days it took to go that far

The journey worth more than gold

Watching the burning sunsets

Was true beauty to behold


The August air was a little crisp

As I shivered with anticipation

I could see the rock for miles

The red heart of this great nation

Unpacked my bike my gear

Parking right outside my door

I ate my lunch with dreams

To see what lay instore


I rode my bike very slowly

Didn’t want to miss a minute

On every rise and corner

The view of the rock was in it


I took a hundred photos

Stood barefoot on the ground

I took in all the magnificence

Of this dream I had found


I walked around the entrance

I did a tour with a guide

I rode the path on a sedgway

My heart swelled with pride

I stood there barefoot

with my hands upon the rock

I wondered if the magnetism

Would give me an electric shock


I had a small magnet

That I dragged across the ground

The dirt stuck to it like glue

Amazed at what I had found


I went back to my motel

Ready for the next adventure

A ticket for a helicopter

To view all of the red centre


From Uluru to Kata Tjuta

 so high up in sky

I watched the sunset on them both

In darkness I said good bye


Next day I watched the sunrise

I different hue of red

That night I saw the sea of lights

then dreamt sweet dreams in bed.


Copyright Poetry In Paradise Reg TM No. 1028534 21/01/2024




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