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Sadness Inside Darkness

No one wants to hear sad poetry

In the start of a brand-new year

No one wants to know your problems

Or if you’ve shed a tear

Everyone wants happiness

with rays of golden sunshine

No one wants the old grapes

Been too long on the line

Everyone wants good news

To see a smiling happy face

No one wants a depressed whiner

Lying about their place

Everyone’s hoping for a good year

In twenty twenty-one

Go out and have a party

Go out and have some fun

Forget about all the troubles

The media pushes into your face

Let’s hope this is the year

We get visited from outer space

If we all shared a common enemy

If we had to unite to defend our earth

Maybe we could learn to love each other

For what we are really worth.

Copyright Poetry in Paradise Reg TM #1028534 17/01/2021


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