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Day 10 - Taking The Long Way Home

BDRCR Sunday 2022 (Yulara NT)

Today is the last day

of the trip to Uluṟu

Tomorrow will be the first day

of the long way home.

The Black Dog Ride continues

we’ll all meet again on the road

then into the next state

South Australia we will roam.

Getting there is half the fun

who you’re with makes it

so much better

then riding all alone.

You may feel a little sad

like what you don’t know what to do

you know the feeling

Like a dog without a bone.

Once we start to move again

heading south with a new goal

getting closer each day

to the ones who share our soul

Looking forward to the new sights

the roads I’ve never been on

discovering many new places

as our journey moves along.

14/08/2022 Copyright Poetry in Paradise reg TM # 102853


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