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The Barking Dog

The Barking Dog

The paint along the hallway is cracking

the linoleum is lifting along the edge

Where that little black dog bastard

barks out his daily sledge

Open letters on the bedside drawers

mark where the journey started to go nowhere

The underlined words are the lyrics

In my welcome to the day prayer

You can see that I had children and a family

In the crooked faded photos up upon the wall

Take a closer look into their content

You will see I once thought it had it all

Empty glasses and coffee cups half full

Crumpled wrapping paper looking very old

Tell a tale, with the crumbs, of meals

That they once did warmly hold

The sun is setting behind the blind

I roll to stretch, to get out of bed

My mind over playing, all….. the little things

That I, ………….once proudly said

Into the bathroom bloody never-ending chore

I contemplate my destination, bed or lounge

Then I fumble through the empty bottles

in my pointless daily scrounge

Another day is stolen by a darkness that seems to care

I nearly made it today, yes, I, nearly got up!!

he loudly barks while I slump back in once more

I echo back to him, to shut the …………..

Copyright Poetry In Paradise Reg TM Number 1028534 14/10/2023.


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