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The Green Revolution

China is the only country who’s carbon emissions continue to rise

Australian politicians and western world leaders all tell bloody lies

China produces more carbon emissions in sixteen days than Australia in a year

The Chinese government does not ever sleep nor shed even one single tear

An electric car battery requires six times more minerals to be mined

That’s a hell of a lot more lithium that the world needs to find

If we continue at the current rate with our electric car sales

We’ll be up forty percent in the next twenty years if mining prevails

The waste left from used solar panels bleeds acid and lead into the earth

What is heating up our water with glass battery panels really worth

Silver, lead, arsenic, and cadmium are leaching into the ground

An alternative way to do this must quickly be sourced and found

Mobile phones laptops desktops are all being dumped

Marketing tells us replace upgrade do not be a chump

In our excitement we need to know all things with haste

e-waste now comprises 70% of our overall toxic waste

Wind farms are another terrible blotch upon our earth

do you know how much a two hundred foot long blade is worth

Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide mercury and radioactive waste

Is all mostly what is left when they age and get replaced

Recycled plastic bags wooden spoons clothes made of bamboo

fertilisers produced from filtering and washing out our poo

Paper made from growing hemp is way more productive than trees

Natural medicines are a clear pathway to reducing modern disease

First nations people are the earths longest living continual culture

They looked after their land, produced no waste to feed a vulture

If I could travel back in time to a thousand years ago, I’d leave today

If I was indigenous, I would love to experience their culture in every way

Copyright Poetry in Paradise Reg TM No 1028534 01/06/2022


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