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The Youth of Today.

The youth of today have never had it so good

My parents would say that and you know they would

Every generation bags the one that came before

Like children blaming their parents for going war

The gap between rich and poor is getting really wide

A social division that’s getting harder for the world to hide

Ghettos are getting bigger and spreading near and far

The poor are better educated and most know exactly where they are

Most teenagers are now getting bad credit ratings on their own

Ten different phone companies that are too quick to give out a loan

They are black listed by landlords for failing to pay high rent

Working two jobs and all their money on debt, is already spent

House prices are far out of reach for first home owners now

Forced to rent then buy a small unit to make a start somehow

Six hundred dollars for a two room 20 year old rental

300 hundred applications a bidding war going mental

So many career jobs are starting to disappear

A computer can do your legal stuff, lawyers not needed here

Do your own conveyancing cheap at twice the price

Real estate’s working for no commission that’s pretty nice

No need to walk into a classroom at a university anymore

Everything is online now even their student clothing store

UBER is the biggest taxi company, and they don’t own a single car

Try to compete with them and you will not get very far.

I work in mental health, and I get to nurse the youth of today

The ones that I encounter explode when anything does not go their way

Their parents say they were always difficult and didn’t like it when told no

Now they get to cry and wave good bye to them as off to prison they go

The youth of today have a got a hard slog and for many it is so tough

Bullying, harassment and social media out casting is really tough

Suicide rates for teenagers the numbers are getting so high

Its breaks my heart that a ten year old child thinks it’s a better choice to die

The youth of today have no future because people like Greta have turned them away

What’s there to look forward to when the planet you’re on is in total decay

Having to decide whether you have heating or a meal is going to become the new norm

I thank God every day that I am not counted amongst the new born.

Poetry in Paradise Reg TM # 1028534 18/06/2022


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