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Tin Lids

Children can be a blessing and a curse

But then having none would be worse

They can be a pleasure and they can be a pain

But having none would be like a forest with no rain

They cause you heartache tears in your eyes

But it would be worse if you’re the one they despise

They can fill your life with sunshine and champagne

Or they can drive you to the brink of becoming insane

I love all my seven children they give me a real boost

I hope they never all try to come back home to the roost

I love all my grandchildren they are welcome at my place

As long as their parents don’t crawl home in disgrace

Children are the reason for so much joy in my life

They give me nearly as much happiness as my darling wife

I couldn’t imagine my life without them hope I never do

I love every one of them as much as the next baby born brand new

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