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Day 8 - Two Wheeled Mates.

Day 8 Friday BDRCR 2022 (Alice Springs NT)

Copyright Poetry in Paradise

Reg TM Number 1028534.

For the sake of the story

You can be number one and I’ll be two

That does not mean that I

Am or are any better than you.

We all met in the morning

After we’d filled up enough

The ride captain recited his briefs

He told us which way was up.

Then it was stands up suddenly

We were all off and on the go

You and I changed our positions

The lead swinging back to and fro.

You were Anthony Gobert on the corners

I was Evel Knievel loose on the road

I couldn’t match you on the corners

You couldn’t see me ahead on the road.

We all pulled into the servo

We laughed as we refueled

Comparing thoughts of one another

On how responsibly we had dueled.

Back to highway we ventured

You took to the lead at first

Swapping places with each other

Each giving the revs a burst.

We stopped at our destination

We bragged of our knowledge and skills

We both smiled nervously at the sign

Beware and slow down, speed kills.

More conversations had over dinner

The return ride was discussed

So good to ride with so many friends

With people you know you can trust.

I put my key into my motel door

I stood there quietly yawning

"Good night" she said as she left

"we'll do it again in the morning".

Copyright Poetry in Paradise

Reg TM Number 1028534.


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