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The ugliest thing I ever saw

Was brought about by best mate

It left me speechless and quite irate

We’d known each other pretty long

Well for More than thirty-five years

What he did then brought me to tears

I never knew that side of him

I’d never been in a position to face it

I found out my friend was a bloody racist

We met for dinner my lady and me

We greeted then his wife went the toilet

Was happened next did forever spoilt it

Me and him walked to the bar

He said to me she’s not coming back

Then he launched his sudden ugly attack

He said he was shocked by far

He couldn’t believe was he was facin

My fuckin lady was a fuckin Asian

I said your joking with a smile

He said he wasn’t kidding and clenched his fist

I said I thought he was better than this

I was deep breathing a tear in my eye

You’d better leave now is what I said

For in about three seconds you’ll have no head

I went back to her at our table

She was shaken and looking scared

I held onto her hand and silently stared

She already knew the story

She said sadly she had seen it before

She said felt sorry for me, more

She held my hand a tear in her eye

I said I was shocked beyond doubt

As I wished I had knocked him out

She said she loved me

She was proud for making my stand

For not being violent, made me the better Man.

Copyright Poetry in Paradise Reg Tm # 1028534 -18/03/17


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