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Day 9 - Uluru

Saturday BDRCR 13/08/2022 (Yulara NT)

It took a 4142 km ride to get here

I made it to the heart of Australia

Covid made me wait again last year

I succeeded and didn’t turn into a failure an no longer be called a failure ceeded and didn’t turn into a failure

To walk this ancient land

See where the ocean was long before

To walk where their ancestors once walked

and passed onto them their Lore

Anangu people still live here

the traditional indigenous owners of the land

They’re working with resort owners

to help their people make a stand

Tomorrow I’ll walk around Uluṟu

run my fingers and toes into the sand

I’ll bask in the spirituality of this

their cultural home and heartland

Copyright Poetry in Paradise Reg TM 1028534


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