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Umbilical Cord

My Grandson Jordan comes to mind

Behind his mums skirt is where him you’ll find

He loves his mummy and sucks his dummy

And in the wrong light he looks kinda funny

Soon he will become a Man

And cut that cord from out of his hand

He’ll stand upon his own two feet

But still can’t lift the dunny seat

His little brother will knock off his block

And leave him in a bewildered shock

He’ll wonder why he has no teeth

All that anger that was beneath

His Mum will cry to see him fall

He will not see it coming at all

Reuben will suddenly implode

on Jordans body he will explode

His mum will feel a pain inside her guts

As Jordan whimpers holding his nuts

Reuben face will change back to white

As he sees his brother in a brand new light

His mum will cry when the cord is cut

She will scream boys I’ve had enough

Go out into the world and leave me alone

Make lives for yourselves on your own

Copyright Poetry in Paradise Reg TM Number 1028534 17/07/2022


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