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Lightning Strikes

The waking dog will run and bark

The gum tree explodes with a spark

Children cry scared in the dark

Mother makes a calming remark

Animals run they are in strife

The firestorm wants another life

A Husband strong embraces his wife

The crack thunders out like a knife

The birds knew they’ve gone afar

The tree has fallen upon their car

Last years back burn left a scar

It’s here now it’s where they are

Phone lines are down no one to call

Mobile signal lost there’s not one at all

Wet blankets line the fresh soaked wall

Parents are scared and children bawl

Smoke has come and filled the room

Heavier now than the sense of doom

The shed cracks on fire with a boom

Mother nature has sent her deadly broom

The mother cries at what might not be

The father’s mind aches a Man is he?

The dogs are in the huddle when they could free

Kay sera sera what will be will be

They hear the shatter of window glass

The fire is attending well to its task

The generator stalls it’s breathed its last

They feel like the inside of a coffee flask

Then from outside the broken windowsill

A voice calls out “are you in there Bill”

With a panic of excitement they give a shrill

They answer back the loudest they ever will

Many lives were risked in efforts to save

Danger was faced into fire walked the brave

The men and the women in the passing parade

True Aussie heroes of the rural fire brigade

So next time their bucket is passed around

Think of that family in that country town

They never gave up when the chips were down

Empty your pockets so the next ones too can be found

Jeffrey Goudy

18/10/14 1028534 Poetry in Paradise

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