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Not another essay

Another year of study finally bites the dust

my brain can have a rest now and grow a little rust

no references no research no two am going to sleep

no missing out on dinner invitations I can now keep

no library trips at midnight when my internet goes bust

can see more of Irene be together from dawn to dusk

no headaches no sore eyes no trying to stay awake

no more berrocas no more sickies should I fake

that’s it for this year there’s only one more year to go

another year of study of stress and feeling low

four more essays to write now before the pen can rest

seven years of study and I’ve never once failed a test

will it be worth it when all is said and done

there has been good and bad times even had some fun

we never stop learning its what drives us on and on

next year lookin back at eight years I’ll wonder where has its gone

20/10/13 Poetry in Paradise Reg TM No. 1028534

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