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The Gun Tree !!

Man has built some wonderful structures that reach up into the sky

like the tower of Babble many of them have gone on bye

there’s been nothing made of concrete wood timber or stone

that has provided a natural environment up there on it's own

there is a city that I know of that is tall and it's true blue

It has grown into the sky and it's out of reach for me and you

No man made structure has ever looked so nice

no artificial home would or could ever really suffice

Go south on the highway, seven hundred, kilometres interstate

the Great Lakes Way Bungwahl turnoff is the road you need to take

it's listed as being in Bulahdelah but thats not quiet the right fact

You'll find it near out near Wooton on the Stoney Creek Road Track

It's a smooth barked Eucalyptus Grandis also known as a Flooded Gum

it’s estimated at over 400 years old and listed as NSW's oldest one

two point seven meters thick at chest height and it’s over 84 metres high

Captain Cook was close enough to have seen it as he went sailing buy

when you stand at the base and look all the way toward the top

hang on to the railing because over backwards you may drop

It's hard to see way up there and thats just what Mother nature designed

its not built for destructive humans its for creatures that can fly or climb

It's residents are the Native birds, insects, possums and sugar gliders

there's arboreal marsupials, tree snakes and bloody great big spiders

flowers and nectar that criss cross it with branches from the other tree's

All kinds of God's wonderful creatures maybe even some native Bee's

It’s been heritage listed and it’s inside a national park

It’s now protected to keep growing and dropping all it’s bark

It’s really worth a trip just to see how big it is and to say that you have seen the biggest gum

and it’s right near Nabiac and the home of the Motorcycle Museum

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