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Trip to Beauy

A cluster of poets gathered, 30 miles from the sea

They met in the local hall, the tea and coffee was for free

Pamela organised the day, and Glenny Palmer came along

Manfred Vijars greeted us all, with a recital, and his song

we were welcomed to their club, and invited in to their fold

the bickies were all yummy and the raisin bread was gold

we sat around the square and we waited for our turn

our poems are pretty good, is one thing we all learned

22 people were there, nearly everyone a poet

no one seemed nervous, well at least they didn’t show it

some of the poems were funny, others were facts of life

like the eternal battle with the pantry, between a man and his wife

there was a real aussie character there, and his name was croc

on Glenny’s front door step, at 6 am!! he decided to rock

he got kicked out by yet another women that tried to be his wife

but he was born with waltzing matilda bone and is not suited to that life

their group was run, a lot like ours, with less choices on the food

they weren’t all prim and proper and you’re allowed to be a little rude

we all had a second turn to recite a second poem

but time had us limited and we had to apologise for going

we all enjoyed the morning for we had a lovely drive

we shared a cuppa for breakfast and the cool air, made us feel alive

one day we’d like to return, we are welcome there again

its good to know in the bush, we have our poetry friends

the beaudesert bush bards like the poets from paradise

though they’ve never been here!! and we’ve been out there twice!!!

Its good to know that both of our groups are strong and still going

I hope for each of us, our numbers keep on growing.

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