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Death by Social Media

They tried to silence Dolly

They left her with no choice

They snuffed out her light

They couldn’t dim her voice

Now her cries are amplified

The nation knows her pain

Her family stands united

To avoid anyone the same

Now Tick Kate and Meg

Forced to do a second take

Their screaming speak out loud

Even if your voice breaks

Children right across this land

Are being bullied and ridiculed

Social media needs an overhaul

Parents need to be schooled

It should never go on for years

One day is 24 hours too long

The administrators should be fined

When the situation has gone wrong

This is not the first time

Nor sadly will it be the last

Stand up you elected bastards

get a legislation and a passed

Freedom of speech is one thing

This has gone on way to far

So many families are aching

So deep is burnt the scar

Dolly was just fourteen

I can’t imagine her last thought

A victim of the internet

I hope the perps are caught

I’ve been down many a time myself

I’ve stood out there on the edge

It’s very cold and it’s real lonely

Being the victim of a sledge

I’d love to hold all the Dolly’s

When they’re feeling that way

I’d give them a great a big hug

Lets try again just one more day

20/01/18 TM Number 1028534 Poetry in Paradise.

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