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Recital report for January 21st 2018

Was a lovely sunny day as I walked into the library to get ready for the rectal afternoon, I pushed in the trolley and the podium and moved all the chairs the whiteboard and got everything set up with Judi’s help as usual, then I went to the café to order my once a month treat, a delicious Aussie dogs eye with fungus and sauce!!! After I got up off the floor I took a deep breath, the GCCC had informed Jamie that their café had never been licensed to sell hot food in their contract and it had been pointed out to management in an audit and so the monthly treat has sadly come to a sudden and horrible end, my waistline and Bob’s maybe thankful but our palates are are devastated, I think Joyce also enjoyed the occasional indulgence as well, and sadly my friends this is not fake news.

Back to the reason for the gathering on Sunday the 17th, Bob started the day off with his poem about Fake News, he touched on what turned out to be a popular theme, Donald T, Rupert M, all politicians and the ignorant masses around the world, rounding off with people like Jarrod Hayne. Bob’s second poem he informed that he we should treat each day as a gift despite all our aches and pains as they are proof of life and should valued and treasured forever. He closed the day a lady on airplane wanted to be treated like a real woman and then a gentleman took off his shirt so she could iron it.

Ted wrote on both themes as well and his first poem was about the ‘sleeping’ keyboard warrior generation that only look at sites they like and don’t research any facts or figures and then graduate from University of Wikipedia!! His second poem was titled Attitude of Gratitude and he gave thanks for all the beautiful flora and fauna here in Australia and very proudly he thanked God for all the blessings we receive.

Joyce came without his royal highness as he was feeling a bit off but still managed to get a few lines out, great effort mate. His poem was about winning the lotto last and when the charities rang he asked them for a cheque. Joyce wrote on bot topics and added one on Australia Day. The first poem was fake news and “Donald” topped her list as well, with his lies and tweets and newspapers and night news should come with a warning that one section has the truth and the other is whatever politicians say. Joyce’s second poem was tilted The Gift, and Joyce explained that life itself is the ultimate gift and courage is taking the good with the bad and standing by your mates when their in a bind. Her third poem include The Don, the backyard series Ned Kelly BBQ’s Prawns and beer, Phar Lap Anzacs, The Jolly Swagman and havin a go and getting a fair go, onya Joyce, a real Bonza Shelia.

Trish shared a poem she penned on the 20/05/2006, titled “Was that me”, Trish’s fantastic poem listed all the places, towns, states, countries and nations that she has walked upon and lived in, the list would be shorter if she mentioned the one or two places she hasn’t been to!!!! From dugouts holes to accrual palaces, from pauper to nobility, a beautiful Lady and an amazing life lived to the full and shared with David, wonder where the next adventure will be and where they will go for their next holiday and inspire and updated travel poem.

Judi recited two of her favorite poems “Tell me what you feel” was about loyalty in friendship and the favour to be returned, the true value of friendship. Her second poem was titled “Valentine’s Day” and was about all the joy two lovers in love can share with each others and bathe in happiness and the trimming like champagne chocolate and roses.

David H recited his poem by channeling it through Bob as David was still Sydney and couldn’t be with us on the day, Bob did a great job and David’s poem about all “The Themes and first lines” from the PIP 2017 flyer was well crafted and well done.

John proclaimed “Donald” to be the true representation of a post turtle, I agree mate!! He then recited his piece on Fake News as told of the time caught a mermaid when fishing one night and all the doubters he had to put with that were clearly jealous and now he’s had enough and is moving to Tasmania. His second poem was on the gift theme and how was present at a shooting at Bondi Beach and very nearly shuffled off this mortal coil, he is forever thankful for each day and for his friends and for the love and friendship with his Mum, closing with the words, share your love and make each day better.

David wrote on Fake News with his poem about ‘Dopey Donald’ and his threat of nuclear war trying to out measure Kim Jong-un. A President that tweets and the possibility of an atomic ghetto if one idiot pushes the first button, he closed with the pondering of why do Jazz bands play the blues? His second poem was similar themed as Joyce’s with all the joys of life being the ultimate gift and to find that special person to share it makes he whole world a happier place, wouldn’t be dead quid’s !!

Tom made the journey from Briso land and everyone was grateful that he did. His first poem was one of my favorite of Tom’s poems, titled “The Adventures of Aussie Bob” this time he was on cruise ship and fell off and floated on a keg that was but was empty when he landed on a island of savage inhabited by cannibals, they set him a three cave challenge to avoid being the main course, all he had to do was enter the 1st cave and drink three cartons of VB, the 2nd cave he had to remove a thorn form an angry lions foot and finally in the 3rd cave had to subdue the evil witch and make love to her, our hero passed cave 1 then after a long and what sounded like an agonizing death he staggered out of cave 2 and slurred the words, “where’s this witch with a thorn in her foot “. His second poem was about Bert who worked on the local council repairing a hole in the road with his gang and the series of events that led to almost hilarious catastrophes, a broken gas line a discarded cigarette a burst water main an abandoned mine shift a volcanic tube and a skyward propelled Bert a total road collapse and Bert landing and looking like a Sunday Roast gone wrong but, he was the only survivor. His third poem was the continued adventures of the rambunctious little Tommy and his hilarious escapades, this time he broke his soccer boots and went home to glue them back together and ended up gluing a blanket to a cat and a boot to his own hand.

Banjo joined us again and recited a poem by Edward Harrington “The Swagless Swaggie”, he was a cantankerous loner and one day he ran into Ben Hall and they stole his swag and everything he owned on this earth, a group of swaggies found out and chipped and kitted him out gain and off he went down the road, with a new pup as well, true Aussie nature. Master Banjo then let loose and did a resounding recitation from the other master “The Man From Ironbark”.

Kathy recited a poem “Cockatoo’s” inspired by the wonderful scene she was greeted with from her own backyard, she saw the majestic birds gliding into land in the big gum tree behind her house with a cacophony of his colleagues celebrating the recent stripping the once flush cumquat tree. Her second poem was on the gift theme and she reminded us you never know what’s around the corner, remembering the indestructible feelings of youth and the bitter pains of aging but reminding us to always remember to choose life keep busy speak your mind and choose your own path.

Roger the Dodger and his Pammy joined on their return for the Old Dart. Rogers first poem was one his best the one about the call to the neighbour with the bloody kids loud engines and late night parties only to find he had misdialed and called the local Priest by mistake. His second was poem was another comedic classic with the cat that kept coming back, which in the end Roger was thankful for. His third poem seemed to be about the seductive undressing of a beautiful woman then suddenly it turned into the thirsty clasping of an iced cold bottle of beer.

Alan read a short story on an Australian theme about a trip he made to Cooper Pedy and got stranded by a shonky tour guide company, very funny. His second and third poems were very short and to the point, one about traffic light thoughts and the other about the sky and missed love.

Manya did a great poem on the fake news theme and shared her thoughts on media manipulation of the truth and the almost impossible search for truth, the unbelievable sensationalist journalists and hoe it was good to see Rebel Wilson a have a win and donate some of the proceeds to charity. Her second poem was a news bulleting letting the world know a barrage of nuclear warheads had been launched and she prompted every one to run. Manya’s third poem was about an Aussie Gold Coast Christmas, Uncle Fred as Santa icy beers fresh prawns cold salad vegemite on toast and sparing a thought for the homeless and the less fortunate members of our own local community and keeping the festive road toll down.

Marta did a poem on fake news and she voiced her concerns that TV Radio and papers are full of it so her advice was to turn it off and go for a walk in the Springbrook National Park (after driving the back way due the councils inability to repair the road damaged on March 2017 by Debbie). Her second poem was on the gift theme and she agrees that life is a gift and we should enjoy all we can and live life to fullest and enjoy the sun and moon and David said “The doubters can kiss my ass”.

Thank you everyone for a good start to the year and to the many people who enjoyed the afternoon. Due to temporary closure of the library we all missed out on February for the first time in 14 years!!! March poetry is at Southport usual time and place, the optional themes are “My first kiss” and the first line is “Okay buster here are some ….. “ See you all in March and enjoy the rain, if you’re not being flooded be happy and if you are flooded you have my sympathies. Thank ya mother for the rabbits, Irene and Jeff

See you on March 18th 2018 at 12 noon for 1pm start.

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