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Poetry report 22nd April 2018 from The Terraces Aged Care Facility Varsity Lakes

Today poetry was held on the 4thSunday of the month and it wasn’t at the Southport Library. The “Games” forced our delay and the meeting room at the library is fully booked for every other Sunday up till December. Apologies to those that were confused by this and by the original flyer that I printed before being informed of the closure on the 15th. There were newly printed flyers available at the March meeting with the correct time date address and venue on them and the information was and is available at all times on both of my web addresses and the GCCC events page. Several people sent emails questioning the change to a 12 o’clock start, my flyers have always stated a 12-noon coffee and chat and 1pm recital. All the flyers I printed this year had the address as 74 University Drive on them and the email with 75 on it was an error. There was a mix up with the free tea coffee biscuits and cake and Julie from the facility sends her sincere apologies as she was called away for a family matter and had left clear and precise instructions but unfortunately they were not followed.

Fourteen poets made their way to the location and Peter as always came along with Lyn. Judi Manya Marta David and Eoin sent their apologies and Joyce sent her love on behalf of Mac. Aaron attended for the first time to see what goes on and is keen to return with poems in hand in June. Dawn another new poet was expecting to make her debut but was delayed and didn’t make it, she is looking forward to attending in May.

The optional theme was ‘The Games’ and it drew some anger and expressions of disappointment with the disbelief of the organisers disregarding the importance of the athletes, shame shame shame. Others cleverly worked in the optional first line “It was a disastrous date and…” into the “Games’ theme as well, well done I reckon. I wrote and recited four new poems for the day and I videoed a few poets, next month I hope to record the whole meeting so that we have a permanent record of the talent and great poetry that comes forth each month. I will put it on a DVD and share it when it is done. The GC Bulletin intends to run an article on the 1stof May about our group and I hope to see it print and will let everyone know if it happens. I was interviewed for thirty minutes over the phone and cant wait to see the edited version of what was spoken.

Jean Kathy David Bob Banjo Ted Alan Roger Tom Dave John Lyn and Peter all shared a great afternoon and a great variety of poetry. The scribe took the day off and this report does not contain a breakdown of the poems recited, they were all good and everyone had a great time and enjoyed himself or herself. Thank you every one for making the trip to Varsity making the afternoon another successful recital.

See you in May at our poetry home in Southport, take care and keep writing your poems, Irene and Jeff.

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