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The Games

The Games 2018

The games came and the games went

A city celebrated and a fortune spent

Athletes came united with a plan

Some of them swam while others ran

The Prince was here with his Camilla

His speech for mumsy a nice time filla

He declared the games officially open

For a good time we all were hopin

The celebration was pretty good

All those guests in our own hood

The local Kombumerri were excited

To be recognised and formally invited

The friendly games mate with mate

Helping each other to pass the gate

Recognizing first with a medal of gold

Every athlete given a gift to hold

Equal placing for the Para-athletic team

The realization of a uniting dream

Men and women treated as equal

Birmingham faces a tough sequel

The final ceremony looked great live

On TV it came across as a dive

No athletes at all were included

Bloody Beatie should be excluded

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