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Lessons Learned

Learned lesson one when I was young

Don’t swear at Mum

Then I learnt lesson two

Don’t swear at Dad too

Lesson three learnt on the job

Sisters bloody dob

Lesson four came with pain

Little brothers dob the same

Lesson five trust only God

And your dog

Lesson six made me cry

Girls can tell a lie

Lesson seven was a shitty card

Bullies sure can hit hard

Lesson eight you’re on your own

Bullies don’t leave you alone

Lesson nine came just in time

I could bully back just fine

Lesson ten hit like a ton

I could fight no need to run

Lesson eleven I was tested

Not much fun bein arrested

Lesson twelve was pretty strong

Do I go right or do I go wrong

Well I am still standing here today

For many mates that, I cannot say

Lessons learned there has been many

Have I learnt and retained any

For now I am still waiting to grow up

From life’s chalice I’ve sipped and supped

Copyright Poetry in Paradise Reg TM No 1028534 20/01/19

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