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Australias best loved Poets

Some may talk of Paterson and some of Lawson,

Of McCormick, McKellar and such great names as these,

Who wrote immortal verse, often without fees.

Like the one who wrote The Magic Pudding,

The controversial Norman Lindsay’s.

They attained a great renown,

Throughout the country and in town.

But of all who caught the poetry disease,

The ones who really take the cheese,

Are Australia’s unknown poets.

So here are just a few of my favourites.

There’s Dave “Banjo” Farrer,

Who wrote Paterson’s poems,

no error!

And recites them better than anyone, ever.

Even though he looks a lot like Henry Lawson,

At Paterson, our Dave is top gun.

Then there’s our own Samuel Pickwick,Witty,

substantial and lightning quick!

He’s assumed the name of a famous pop star,

And he truly has a bottomless repertoire.

With a mind as restless as Sherlock Holmes,

I refer of course to our own Tom Jones.

And let us forget never,

The Mudgeeraba Budgerigar,

Robert Dever.

There’s the travelling raconteur, Roger Matthews,

Who loves to exchange world views,

He claims to have come from South Africa,

And at telling yarns, well he’s a cracker!

It wouldn’t be right to overlook our poet chief,

Friendly, flamboyant, active and never dowdy,

That’s our own unique, Jeffrey Goudy.

But the ladies, they’re the ones who win our hearts!

In all the world of poesy,

They have no counterparts!

Where can you find them, I’ll be precise,

At a club called Poets In Paradise,

Just to start there’s Joyce who always gets a laugh,

Jean, Judy, Trish, Yvonne, Dawn, Pam, Jeanette, Manya, Kathy, Marta and Lynn,

So full of fun and talent, it’s hard to begin,

To extol their virtues, I’d need a violin,

Because in our world, they’re King Pin.

We love them all and that’s never a sin,

I really mean this, I’m not just sayin’,

Though Australia may not know a single name,

These unknown poets are best loved by me,

just the same! © Ted Skuse,14 February 2019

  • © Ted Skuse, 14 February 2014

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