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OH! NO! What is that sound.

It hadn't been a very good day, nothing seemed to go right,

I headed home at last with plans of an early night.

A bite to eat, then a quick shower and then I climb into the cot.

But a few minutes of quiet was all the peace that I got.

Just as I was dozing off "Oh, no, What is that sound"

Will I get out of bed to answer it? because I think it is the phone.

So I crawled out of my bed, but I really don't know why

Because my guess was right. It was that bastard from Mumbai.

After telling him where he could go I staggered back to bed

But Oh No What is that sound? That's buzzing round my head.

It's a damn mosquito, and although the noise it makes

Isn't very loud at all, but it can still keep me awake..

Well, at last I fall asleep, and slept through till early morning

Then what shattered the peace again came without any warning.

OH No What is that sound? It is my next door neighbour.

He is at it again at day break, with his blasted noisy Leaf Blower.

Copyright Joyce Skinner 17/02/2019

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