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It only Takes a Smile

My parents always told me "Be polite to other folk,

Treat them to a smile, even when provoked".

But when they uttered those wise words, they could not foresee

How aggressive people are, in this century.

But I have tried to keep my smile

Though sometimes it's been strained

And now because of Mum's advice,

At last, I've had a win.

I was driving down the road, crossing when the lights were green

When this bloody maniac, in a silver limousine

Came through the intersection, hit me and bounced into a post.

My car was somewhat damaged, but it was his that suffered most.

He leapt out and charged across - cursing, breathing fire-

And started to abuse me, for what I'm not quite sure,

So I looked at him, and with my sweetest smile

Suggested he calm down and perhaps to rest a while.

That seemed to make him angrier.

He called me some nasty names

And made some threatening gestures.

That's when the policeman came.

By then this maniac had completely lost his rag

And he got even worse when the cop produced "The Bag".

And asked him blow into it. That was the final straw

He had to be restrained by the long arm of the law.

And when they asked him why he showed so much aggression

He said it was because of my sickly sweet expression

So the bastard took it to the court. but I won the case hands down

Which proves that a sweet smile carries more weight than a frown.

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