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Assyria, the new black

Assyria, the new black 'radical chic' toast of the human rights set carrying the weight of a proxy war for armchair crusaders Assyria, thankful for prayers and humanitarian aid

while beneath their ancient sands comes the rich oil

that fed the rise of the mighty Anglo-American alliance Assyria, honest and forthright bearing the burden of truth saying for an empire in denial The blood of Rumsfeld’s Blowback splatters against their face better before not after the illegal invasion The old black collaborators now integrated into the American dream with Rice and Powell carrying the burden of lie telling for the Project for a New American Century Assyria, do you hold on, hang tight sleep to guard your ground? Or Assyria do you flee? a Diaspora now the final rout assured by Americans blind bats flapping against an unknown wall.

Copyright Evelyn Hogan 19/01/2020

Reg TM Number 1028534

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