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My Car

My car

I love me car it takes me near, it takes me far It’s an oldie, done 250,000 clicks and it gets up to all sorts of tricks

Like, the lights are a bit dull on the dash and the body wipers scritch and scratch

It’s been scraped and bumped, got quite a few dings But I feel good when I get in It’s not just for show, it starts first go

And whadaya know

I’m first off at the lights - it’s still got some go!

It’s grey and faded

Looks a bit jaded Alongside Porsches, Beamers and Toorak Tractors But I’m fair dinkum

Those drivers’re just actors

With look-at-me-hair and other false factors

Not the sorts you’d like to meet and greet When driving down a Southport street You’ve got the latest gadgets, your repayments hurty But, mate, I’m happy in my three grand i30

Ian McDougall

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