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Desert Dawn: a deadly rap

Desert dawn

Bodies gone cold in the pink/grey morn

Medics walkin’ round checkin’ grunts for groans

Survivor sittin’ over there all alone

“Mind that leg, mate, could be mine”

scores of body bags all in line

padre givin’ last rights for the 86th time

more scattered over there in that trench

a two-day battle leaves plenty of stench

tank muzzles flashin’ all through the night

explosions lightin’ up young faces of fright

“forward there men, don't stop now.

should be over by mornin’, then hot chow.”

hear the bomb a’comin’, but ya never can tell

where it’s gonna land until it’s fell

young boys screamin’ in pain for mum

hopin’ like hell that help’ll soon come

“good work son, it was worth it, we won

we’ll be sendin’ you home

’way from any more harm

’mazin’ what you can do with only one arm

don't worry, soldier, it was for the best

here’s a purple heart to wear ’pon yo’ chest”.

up and down the dunes all month we roam

politicians growin’ fat in comfort back home

sendin’ young boys, but not their own

to die in the Middle East so the world is shown

that the Yankee Doodle dandies don't miss a beat

even if it means killin’ friendlies in the heat.

And what about those A-rabs over to the right

how come we’re over here fightin’ their fight?

supposed to be for the good

of the Stars and Stripes

but what’s gonna happen

if we upset those kikes?

them Jew boys getting’ ready

to put up their dukes

only trouble is

they want to use some heavy nukes

and those big mommas

don’t know shit from dates

when it comes to knowin’ the difference

between enemies and mates

the tension gets tighter

and the body count’s growin’

what's the human cost

to keep the oil wells flowin’

all them greenbacks passing back and forth

linin’ pockets of rich men with a mocked-up warThem CIA spooks knew just what was goin’ down

And the powers in the Pentagon

didn't even frown

When Bush declared war to up his popularity

sayin’ “Saddam’s just a big affront to Christianity”

so here we are dyin’, don't it make you feel good.

just to keep White House beagle boys

playin’ at God.

Well fuck them! Fuck you!

sure ain't gonna die for someone else's plan

when it comes to makin’ choices

’bout meetin’ The Man

leave it up to me and I'll suck hard on a cone

and when the time is right, I’ll die on my own

but not here. no way.

no mother fuckin’ way, I’m outa here now.

fuck the consequences,

I don't care how I do it. I’m gone.

Hey, what's that whistlin’ noise

comin’ down from above.

painted sign on the side says

“from Saddam, with love”

better duck now ’n’ tuck ya head up your arse

but it don't really matter

’cos the next breath’ll be your last.

bang bang

bang bang


© eoinmacdhugail 1991

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