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Black Dog Barking Rebound - Not the Final Chapter


Yeah, mate I know it’s late but here I sit contemplatin’ me fate so many years slipped me by wasted years when I didn’t even try to change who I am, what I do it’s no wonder I find myself feeling so blue

Yeah, mate I know it’s my fault If I’d’a tried harder I’d be worth me salt now I find myself feeling so very alone in danger of becoming an embittered, gnarly crone drinking, not thinking my circle of friends forever shrinking overcome by a feeling that I’m quickly sinking

Yeah, mate I know I’m a dope but while I’m breathing there’s always hope look skyward to the heavens some people say calm your mind down sit quietly and pray but, nah, that’s not for me when I look at the stars it’s not Yahweh, not Allah nor the Holy Trinity by god, it’s a large universe I see

Yeah, mate I know it’s profound my logic, as you know, ain’t always sound but the mind creates confusing distractions when what you need is just to take action get up, take a breath focus with all your might to disperse the darkness let in the light

Yeah, mate my feet, as you know, ain’t always on the ground and I gotta turn my life around to live 20 more years yeah, that’d be great but not in a listless vegetative state it’s a future I’ve dreaded and that’s where I’m headed unless I set up to the crease face my past, my present and then release

Yeah, mate I know, I KNOW You’ve heard it before, you can say so I’ve failed, I’ve fallen But if I give up trying I’ll curl up in a ball and just lie there crying this morning I woke up to greet the day beat my chest, stood tall and proud and shouted out very bloody loud you wouldn’t be dead for quids, eh!

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Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that -

Martin Luther King J

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