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Black Dog Barking Revisited

Finalising the Black Dog series - this is not how I am now

DREAD HEAD I woke up yestreen full of dread deep dark places inside me head didn’t want to hurt myself (not too keen to be dead) just lots of shit I had to shed there’s something in me that just ain’t right something in me brain’s gone a bit bad ’cos the most insignificant things make me mad I beat myself up, psychologically, there’s many solutions but I just can’t see I tell myself I’m an idiot, a fool so many times it’s become the rule my use of the cane has rewired me brain I wonder, at times, if I’m on the edge of insane I’ve gotta change. I know I do, but inside me head’s all black, no hue I see tunnel at the end of the light instead of a life that’s shining and bright I’m better than this, I know I am, just need to find a positive plan to clear my head of the shitful dread a good start might be to see a shrink to break things down, reduce the stink I know that I know that me head’s all clogged but I know I don’t know what’s causing the bog I love my Lyn, my patient wife, just gotta take the steps to get back my life to bring myself back from the scary edge I’ll take that step – that’s my pledge.

1903 - 111215

There is always hope

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