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As I walked into the forest I thought …

As I walked into the forest I thought

Maybe I shouldn’t feel so fraught.

There are no visible footsteps to be seen

But, with eyes so keen,

I see a broken branch to the right.

Unfortunately the trail is out of sight.

I had only wandered off the trail

A little bit so how is it I fail

So quickly to lose the way?

Perhaps it was like the day

I stood in the surf, inattentive

And, as the sand beneath my feet, active,

Slipped lower in the surf,

A hand reached out, “Time for the turf.”

An unknown voice announced

And a hand on my shoulder was now ensconced.

As I was pulled to higher ground.

I can only hope for the sound

Of another person stumbling through the bush

But all I hear is the hush

Of complete isolation,

The forest’s sometimes function.

Alan Turner 17/10/2021


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