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Childhood Memories of Gold

I struggled to find a happy thought

to share here today

I got a motorbike at twelve

is about all that I can say

There must have been happy times

that I do not recall

Surely there were good days

when I was really small

I remember our border collie

Trixi was her name

Wherever us boys went

Trixi always came

Uncle Ted was my grandpa

He was a boys best friend

I’m glad I got hold him

Right before the end

I remember catching fish

Every time I threw a line

Never went home catchless

Never any time

I remember my first kiss

First time I held her hand

We were both in grade six

Fathers just don’t understand

I heard “I am a rock”

For the first time

“Where do you go to my lovely”

Never forgotten that line

I was twelve and skinny

When a bully knocked me down

Kicking punching spitting

I cried there on the ground

Once you get to high school

Are you still a child

When you learn about waging

Joys of running wild

I recall being in flames

Running with no pain

That started at the hospital

with a Mercure chrome stain

He starts to roam

the streets at night

he learns how to steal

and he learns how to fight

My childhood ended at fourteen

Cuffed to a chair inside a police station

They thought I needed help

With the statement I wasn’t making.

Copyright Poetry in Paradise Reg TM NUmber 1028534 17/05/2022


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