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FEAR_ Czechoslovakia

My brother Petr was born when I was nine

I loved him he was very sweet

I always had to look after him

And calm him down: “Don’t worry, Pete!”

When he was two we walked through the city

He was funny on his shaky feet

But something strange was approaching

And I said like always: “Don’t worry, Pete!”

We saw the Russian Army

There were many tanks and soldiers and guns on the street

My little brother was crying

And I whispered: “Don’t worry, Pete!”

I nursed him in my arms

I could hear his heartbeat

But I had to be a brave sister

And say: “Don’t worry, Pete!”

I carried him and ran away

I was looking for retreat

I had fear like never before

But I comfort him: “Don’t worry, Pete!”

At that time we didn’t know

A big neighbour - country Russia - is only an awful cheat

I would be more careful

To say: “Don’t worry, Pete!”

We grow up and understood

Many more fears we had to meet

We had to fight for twenty years

Till I said again: “Don’t worry, Pete!”

Can I tell you? Just my advice


Be watchful of big countries

And never say: “Don’t worry, Pete!”



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