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"Frustrations" Loved by Roger written by Murry Hartin

I was effing frustrated by this mongrel up the road

I wished I could get rid of him . . . the dirty rotten toad

He had parties every Friday night . . . drunken bastards raising hell

Goats and chickens everywhere which effing bloody smell

A V-8 bloody Harley that will never ride the road

But he roared it every Sunday before his rooster crowed

His kids are little mongrels stealing bikes and chucking rocks

But when they rotten egged me car I thought this had to bloody stop

So I poked his number in me phone and when he said “Hello”

I had all this venom building up and didn’t I let it go

“Don’t ‘hello’ me you Dipstick you’ve got a bloody nerve

We’re sick and tired of your crap so get ready to cop a serve

You’ve overstayed your welcome here

it’s time to move along

So take your wife and mongrel kids

and just get out of town

Look don’t try to interrupt me there’s plenty more to come

We’ve been putting up with you forever . . .

so just learn to bite your tongue

You Dickhead Ignoramus I don’t want to hear your buts

Putting up with your crap would drive anybody nuts

Your son and mongrel kids and your wife that evil cow

Pack up the whole shebang and get out of town right now

Then we’ll be rejoicing in the street we’ll toll the death-knell bell

And we’ll throw a bloody party and


Then our prayers will be ...................................

. . What ? . . . No ! . . . I am pretty sure . . .

55627773 . . . Oh No ! . . . Yes Yes . . . .I feel like such a goose

Yes I know it wasn’t very nice . . . Yes Yes It was pretty strong abuse

Okay I know it hit you without warning . . .

Sure Reverend Jones . . . I’ll see you Sunday morning.

Vale Roger Mathews

06/10/1937 - 20/06/2023 A life well lived.

Copyright Murry Hartin Australia


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