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Is There a Reason

Is there a reason for it all,

everyone one of us has pondered this,

everyone one and all

life and death, love and hate

birth rising and then the fall

what happens next

is the biggest question

there is no answer that suits us all

The Bible is one starting place

Full of stories written true and tall

But out of 8 billion only 2 billion

Will answer to that call

That’s 1 in four,

that’s a number that I recall

1 in 4 have a mental illness

and no,

it’s not me at all

Are we moving to a greater place

Or inside some insect will we crawl

Do we come back as someone good

Because we doubted our call

I’m not dying just to find out

If I’m listed in St Peters scrawl

I can wait till tomorrow

To find out if I have no future at all

If I die and there is a heaven

Behind some shiny great white wall

my faith in God was not wasted

and I’ll really have a ball

If I die and there is no heaven at all

Then I’ll be dead with no ability to recall.

Poetry in Paradise Reg TM # 1028534 23/07/23


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