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Meanwhile the Doctor said...

Meanwhile the Doctor said, “Don’t feel so uninspired,

come this thirtieth of June my friend, I will be retired,

I’m five years older than you and I’ve not expired,

you’ve got a few good years left in you so do not feel so tired”

I replied I’ve had enough of this I’ve gone right off the boil.

With all my aches and pains ill soon depart this mortal coil

My head really hurts sometimes even when it’s covered in foil

Sometimes I feel life is one big butt and I am just the boil.

Meanwhile the Doctor said, “Don’t feel so dejected,

We are working on your aliments as I have just reflected,

arthritis sciatica a baker’s cyst and kidneys a bit infected

your body is your life you know it’s not like it is rented.

I replied I wake up every day, thank the lord that I’m not dead

Roll over and miss my wife and remember to make the bed

Go to eat some breakfast and recall the instructions she said

What to and not to eat goes swirling around inside my head.

Meanwhile the Doctor said, “Don’t forget to pay my bill

Remember come July to see someone else when you get ill

I have a doctor of mine own to see, a funeral plan in my will

You will live another thirty years unless yourself you kill”.

I replied enjoy retirement you bastard and your new BMW

Next time I’m ill, I’ll see the young lady next room to you

She will make me feel younger if even just from the view

Maybe I’ll tell her a prostate examination is a job you forgot to do.



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