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Day 16 - Red Centre Rap Up. (Gold Coast Home)

The bikes in the garage, still covered in mud

Mostly it was dry, we did ride through a flood

Riding gear is hanging, the laundry bags undone

Straps have all been counted, their drying in the sun

Tank bag is emptied, wallet money and the keys

Boots put out to air, just dangling in the breeze

Helmets wiped over, the Windex made it clear

Gloves stuck on broom handles, everything so near

Padlocks are in place, a chain goes through the wheel

Furniture pads are draped, every part of it concealed

Trickle charger connected, the light is glowing red

My T-Bird companion, is tucked neatly into bed

The house is empty, my wife is still at work

I walk inside in my undies, no one to call me jerk

Straight into the shower, no stopping to look around

Good to be in my own place, to be in my little town

My ears are still ringing, like getting off a plane

The dust and the road, go swirling down the drain

Cleaned up and tidy, now resting upon our bed

My bike is still crossing long straights inside my head

I fell asleep slowly, thoughts of the trip recalled

How tired I was, some nights into bed, I slowly crawled

I thought of the scenery, all the new places I have seen

I wished I could do it all again, maybe I did in a dream

Suddenly my granddaughter, is wrapped across my chest

Eager to be in the place, that she knows and loves the best

My wife then gives me cuddles, kisses warm and bright

So good to be home, so good to be loved again tonight

I wake up its midnight, confused, then here I am at home

Not in some strange place, like fifteen places all unknown

Then it hits me, my wonderful journey has run its course

Its back to heartfelt promises, like for better and for worse

There will be no ride tomorrow, I don’t want to wash my bike

I want to hold on to the feeling, the new place every night

I want to be back out there, where I’m the captain of my fate

Where the challenge slows you down, but you make it to the gate

Riding with my companions, riding together, united by the road

Riding to forget the world, our bags of troubles to unload

The freedom of the highway, the burger with coffee meals

Just me and my mates, I will always love how good that feels

Back to reality, to bills, with deadlines to meet and not to break

Where choosing my lunch, daily, it’s a hard discussion to make

Back to the hierarchy of society, where good guys come in last

Where sycophants are rewarded for their daily ass kissing task

On the highway we’re all equal, a hot engine between your legs

It’s helmets, dark sunnies, black leather, your feet upon the pegs

It’s throttles, loud pipes, it’s the fresh country wind in your face

It’s being really cool, not ageing with any form of pirouetted grace

Its toasts around the table, cheers to all good deeds we had done

Cheers to doing it all again tomorrow, doing it all again as one

To the riders up ahead of you and riders far, but never left behind

To helping each other out, always making the choice to be kind

I’ll go to bed tonight, dream of all the ‘twisty’ roads to ride on this earth

I shall fall asleep wondering, just how far is it, to go to and fro to Perth

When questioned why do I do it? why would you do such dangerous things

I’ll smile while answering “God gave me a motorbike and said” “Here’s your wings”.

Copyright Poetry in Paradise Reg TM Number 1028534


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