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Snouts In The Trough

Why have Prime Ministers when they all do the same crap

Their wages sure are a pretty good wrap

They lie and they cheat and promise you the world

Then they leave you waiting like a runaway girl

They start out full of hope when they promise that and this

You find out once elected, they were so full of wind and piss

We need a President and our very own brand-new flag

A united stand-alone nation on which we can brag

A country united by a true leader that can really inspire

Not some pumped up bastard just waiting to retire

No pensions for any of’em until they’re the right age

They can go back to work and end all this outrage

We can’t afford their salaries and their jobs for the boys

Our pension entitlements should not be one of their toys

We don’t need Prime Ministers, they should all be rejected

Some of bastards get in without out even being elected

Jeffrey for President should be our nations new slogan

Let’s see what happens when the country is run by a bogan

Poetry in Paradise Copyright Trade Mark Number 1028534 21/07/2019


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