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The Bully

There’s all sorts of bullies in the world, the old man said,

But some don’t like their stories read.

Most men wake up with a bully in the bed

And some women also, it is said.

This is just nature, always been there,

But other bullies, created elsewhere,

Were born of man’s quest to understand

And make some sense of the world where we stand.

They had messages in stone, declarations,

Even desert visions.

These men founded religions,

Not one but legions.

And, because there were many differences,

Locations, climate, education, attitudes, alliances,

Traditions, too many to tally,

Friction came and forth they would sally.

Even single religions would have multiple offshoots

So, they multiplied sometimes on the ground with boots.

They all require blind faith in some unworldly being

As their existence can’t be proved by seeing.

Look at how the world is now, the old man said,

Keeps going on like this and we’ll all be dead.

The Bully by Alan Turner 16/10/2021


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