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The Gold Coast

(Through the eyes of a 60+ non-surfing visitor)

A city that extends for miles.

beach after white-hot beach:

sands ... soft as molten-silk

under the palest of bare-feet.

A relief to reach the solidity

of cooler sea-drenched shore,

and feel the whoosh as waves

encircle ankles ... but no more.

While rapt in bright blue thrall

to prowess and mastery ...

board upon board of surfers

poised 'n' ready to ride the sea.

Until my glance flicks inland to

the jostle of high-rise-jungle,

where broadleaves 'n' palm trees

polkadot the man-made jumble.

Overpowered by giant heavies:

gangster-giraffes stained with rust,

straining their necks ever-upwards

in the constant race to construct.

Will the mobsters show ... restraint?

or will they match the giddy heights

of the Gotham-style silhouette that

spans the skies of this paradise?

Copyright Pam Ski 23/04/2023 Melbourne Australia


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