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The Romance of The Road

The highway can become an addiction

Being a truckie can be an affliction

Owning a motor bike is like breaking a rule

Play it right and you could evolve into cool

Two wheels just you and the road

The weight of the day easily unload

It’s totally up to if you live or die

Chains of suburbia just fall on by

Two becomes one amid metal and blood

Adrenalin comes quickly a rush like a flood

Nought to 100 and passing the ton

Racing the clock while just having fun

Hours of polishing for that perfect shine

Not a moment is considered a waste of time

Listening to the radio with my kind of music

Its my time, and no one tells me, how to use it.

Throw in some mates a mix for good measure

Experiences shared become a real treasure

Ride over mountains and through the woods

getting out of those old, familiar neighbourhoods

Following the beach, ride North or South

Eyes wide open a cloth over your mouth

A counter lunch steak at a Surfside Pub

A burger at a Fisho’s for real take away grub

Friends made on two wheels can be friends for life

Some find kindred spirits and some find a wife

You can find a real mateship that never ends

That goes on like a highway that is full of bends

The romance of the road is very real thing

Married to the wheel and making it spin

There’s always a reason to go for a ride

Its simply so much better than sitting inside

Ride down the driveway turn left or right

Decide on the next turn where you’re eating tonight

The Freedom and the feeling out on the open road

Hit that throttle my friend, let the power explode.

Reg TM # 1028534 Poetry in Paradise


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