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Two Years Further On Up The Road.

Like the American Civil War

Covid has divided a nation

Families have been torn

by mandated vaccination

Some friendships are no more

when choosing who is right

Tempers flare so hotly

many quick to pick a fight

We are all this together

they say then they divide

vaxxed or unvaxxed

forced to pick a side

insane paranoia causes

misinformation to run wild

righteous arrogance flourishes

while common sense has died

You can’t catch in a chair

but you can, standing at the bar

you can’t while sharing coffee

but you can sitting in a car

Being called a selfish fool

for questioning where’s it from

being told you’re a moron

for suspecting somethings wrong

Cruise ships have hit the water

sailing pools of salmonella

people stuck inside a boat

with norovirus and feelin yella

Check ins have been abandoned

while infection rates remain high

nightly news skips right by it

many now just grin and sigh

I’ve received a few cancellations

To join us inside in here

It seems public places

Are still ones to fear

Everyone has the right to choose

And I respect your choice

Our group has been going 18 years

And we all have a choice

For two years our poetry group

has had to find another place

but today were back inside here

and its good to see your face

Kathy and Roger so graciously

shared with us time in their abode

they kept our heartbeat going

by sharing between them the load

If the return to library is a failure

and people just don’t want to go

then maybe we stay at Rogers

but some are hoping that’s not so

It would be with much sadness

to let the group come to an end

to have our last meeting

and to finally put down the pen

So enjoy every day you have

We never know if it is our last

The day will come when I remember

Our poetry group in the past

Copyright Poetry in Paradise Reg Tm Number 1028534 April 24th 2022


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