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Day 9 - What If (I died) (40 Miles from Erldunda)

Day 9 Saturday BDRCR 20222 (Yulara NT)

Day 9 Saturday BDRCR 20222 (Yulara NT)

What If. (40 Miles from Erldunda)

Taking in the scenery

definite lack of greenery

A sudden rise to my left

Stood out as so bereft

Quickly I had to slow down

in the dirt did a turnaround

rode my bike to the top

making a sudden stop

I thought from up there

I would freely see everywhere

Should have got off and walked

Now I could be outlined in chalk

The path up was so gentle

Now feeling very temperamental

Why did I do this to myself

What about my mental health

Too far to try to roll back

My feet would slip on the gravel track

Not enough room to turn around

I rode up but may crash going down

Not one person had gone past

While I struggled with this task

Do I wait up there for help

Or do I brave it myself

The path up was smooth and well cut

The tack down, a tragic zig zag rut

I walked down to get a feel

How it would react under my wheel

I skidded several times and fell over

It was not a casual walk across some clover

Going back up on knee and palm

I figured I may be in for some harm

I waited a little longer enjoying the view

my heart was racing not knowing what to do

still, no one had gone by, not thinking I would die

so, I decided to man up and give it a try

I tried three or four times to turn around

But there was clearly only one way down

Sitting in the saddle feet firm on each side

Hesitating nervously to do the ten-metre ride

I started I stopped I moved closer to the edge

In my mind I felt I was out on a mountain ledge

I got to the point where there was no coming back

I was into it, committed to havin a red hot crack

My bike was in first gear feet sliding like a pelican

I was over the cusp thought I’d never be well again

The front tyre went right the rear went to the left

Drifting now, down the slope with visions of my death

I accelerated made it over the first few humps

My throat and gut were tight and felt full of lumps

I could see the level surface coming into view

My feet still on the ground the sweat now coming through

The bike stood up corrected, control was in my hands

I thought of God and was relieved that he had other plans

I couldn’t believe that I had made it my pulse was racing

My own stupidity had put into this crisis I was facing

Like every modern person I soon had my phone in my hand

I videoed my reaction to the great adventure that came unplanned

“Holy Shit I can’t believe I made it” were the first words from my mouth

Then I pondered others saying, “what if” and voicing all their doubts

Well “what if” I repeated, “I made it” so there you go

I wouldn’t do it again I might think before I put on another show

It was a highlight of my holiday something no one else has done

I crapped myself at the time but now I can smile and say “that was fun”.

Poetry in Paradise Reg TM # 1028534 31/08/2022


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